Carol Cole Foodstyling

I grew up in San Francisco and at a young age was drawn to all the amazing things I could create in the kitchen. I kept myself very busy making all manner of foods from breads and yogurt to Bûche de Noël. All the while I was eagerly exploring cookbooks, magazines, traveling and taking cooking classes in San Francisco and the London Cordon Bleu. After several years of baking, catering and working in restaurants as a pastry chef, I landed in the world of food photography where I was instantly at home.

For over 20 years I have been food and prop styling in photo studios in Sonoma County, Napa Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. I am constantly inspired by the bounty and beauty that surrounds us here in Northern California. The farmers market, my wild and diverse garden, friends' gardens and local farms are all part of my daily life. Nothing makes my day more than a walk that includes some foraging, be it wild berries or an abandoned apple or plum tree. Whether I am cooking at home or on the set, I like to keep the food as simple and natural as possible.

My prop styling reflects my love of simple design and clean lines. I like all the shades of green in nature and the randomness of the forest floor. I like things that have been made by hand, glass jars, white plates and, most of all, I attempt to bring out the beauty in the smallest of things.