In with the New

December was wet and wonderful. Big rains arrived in a warm “pineapple express” which gave all our plants and trees a good soaking.  A freeze arrived with the New Year and it officially feels like winter in our little corner of California. Now it is already time to get out in the garden and begin pruning. It’s all part of the yearly cycle of removing the spent and preparing for the arrival of spring. Hoping your new year is full of hopeful promise and good health.


This tulip magnolia was completely out of sync between the drought and the warm rains. A few stunning blooms graced the December landscape.


I made these shitaki mushroom logs with friends several years ago. After a few weeks of rain, they finally bloomed. Home grown shitaki mushrooms for Christmas dinner!


We are back to one beehive again. Happy to see that on this first day of 2015 they are out flying and bringing in pollen.

Rose hips

Rose hips from this mornings prunings.



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4 Responses to In with the New

  1. Anonymous says:

    A very Happy new Year to you and the fam!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the rose hips. Happy and healthy 2015 to everyone.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love all the photos!! Keep up this wonderful blog please. Happy New Year from
    cold,snowy Aspen.Everything is covered in deep white.